What to Expect During the Admission Process for a Senior Living Community

Once you’ve decided to move to a senior living community and begin enjoying more of the lifestyle you love without the hassles of home ownership or housekeeping, one of the…

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3 Ways Kendal on Hudson Is Transforming the Experience of Aging

Over time, seniors who retired began to be perceived as uninterested in the world around them. They began to be portrayed as simply wanting to relax, spend their time resting…

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5 Ways a Lifecare Retirement Community Offers Peace of Mind for Life

When considering senior living, it’s important to consider all of your options. Do you want to live in an Independent living community where only one or two levels of care…

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The Retirement Living Effect: Health, Happiness and a Carefree Lifestyle You Deserve

When it comes close to time to retire, it’s only natural to think about what you’ll choose to do. Will you fully retire? Move to a retirement community where you…

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Decorating 101: 5 Tips to Personalize Your Senior Living Space

When older adults move to a senior living community, they have a unique opportunity to personalize their space to design the senior living space of their dreams. Whether they want…

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The Benefit of Having Healthy Hobbies During Retirement

One of the benefits of retirement is having the time to spend your days doing what you want, when you want. From more time to spend with friends and family,…

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Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Older Adults

With summertime comes an array of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, from picnics and music festivals, art fairs and carnivals to water recreation and more, there’s plenty of fun to…

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4 Ways Kendal on Hudson Maintains a Philosophy of Philanthropy

At Kendal® on Hudson, we were founded on Quaker values and support diversity, inclusiveness and independence. Each day, we strive to foster a culture of generosity and take responsibility in…

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Entering Retirement: Planning for a Lifetime of Health and Wellness

When planning for retirement, many people want to simply enjoy life, live it well and enhance their health to have the best lives and retirement possible. At a Lifecare Retirement…

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