hand painting a small bowl

3 Advantages of a Resident-Driven Lifestyle at Kendal on Hudson

From your career and volunteer opportunities to your education, travel experience and social circle, you have been in complete control of your lifestyle. Whether you want to expand on your…

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The group member discusses her review of the book with her friends.

Sharper Minds, Richer Worlds: The Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language

In today’s world, speaking more than one language isn’t just useful—it’s a great workout for your brain, too. As our global community becomes increasingly interconnected, the value of being multilingual…

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Portrait, friends and senior men in fitness hug at park outdoor after exercise, workout or training together for healthy body. Face, smile and elderly people embrace for teamwork, trust and support

What To Look For in a Retirement Community

Transitioning into retirement marks a significant milestone in your life’s journey, signaling a shift toward a lifestyle centered on relaxation, fulfillment and community. Amid the excitement of this new chapter,…

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senior couple hugging outside on their deck

How To Choose a Senior Living Community

As you think about where you’d like to live during your retirement, you’ll likely wonder how to choose a senior living community. You want a community that’s going to allow…

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Senior man looking out of window at home

What Is Sudden Retirement Syndrome?

Do you have an impending retirement coming up or find yourself newly retired? The emotions that arise during this time can be interesting to navigate. After all, it is a…

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group of seniors sitting in a circle for a tai chi class

17 Engaging Indoor Activities for Seniors

One of the best parts about retirement is the newly found downtime and freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want! Outdoor activities may not always be a viable…

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group of seniors looking at their laptops

7 Important Steps To Take for Pre-Retirement

When you’re getting ready to enter retirement, you have so much to look forward to—exciting opportunities to travel, embrace your hobbies and interests, and make this next chapter all about…

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group of seniors looking at their laptops

Kendal on Hudson’s Continued Learning Partnership with Pace University

Lifelong learning invites us to be curious, delve deeper into topics that interest us, and explore subjects that we’re passionate about. That’s why Lifelong Learning is a core value at…

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Kendal on Hudson aerial view

Kendal on Hudson’s Commitment to Environmental and Social Impact

At Kendal on Hudson, Quaker values impact every decision we make for the community. We treat each person as a valued individual, displaying mutual respect and caring, and seek to…

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