How To Choose a Senior Living Community

As you think about where you’d like to live during your retirement, you’ll likely wonder how to choose a senior living community. You want a community that’s going to allow you to lead a fulfilling lifestyle, enhance your well-being, and provide overall satisfaction with your retirement years.

Selecting a senior living community involves a multifaceted evaluation process, considering various factors that collectively contribute to creating a fulfilling and supportive environment.

There are key aspects you can look for when choosing your future home. These aspects cover considerations such as location, community atmosphere, amenities, healthcare services, and other factors you may not know about. When you find a community that has these factors, you’ll know you’re in a community where you can thrive.

Location: Accessibility, Walkability, and Safety

One important marker you should look for when visiting a community is its location.

Keep the following factors in mind:


The location of a community is more than just a physical address; it’s about convenience and accessibility. Do you like the surrounding area?

Is it near a town, a city, or places to visit outside of the community? Your community’s location can also provide you with access to other forms of recreation.


Evaluate the walkability of the community. Are there well-maintained paths and accessible areas for residents to enjoy outdoor strolls? A community with a pedestrian-friendly environment contributes to a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Prioritize safety when assessing locations. Ensure that the community has robust safety measures in place, providing residents with a secure and worry-free living environment.

Community Atmosphere and Cultural Fit

A sense of community is vital for a fulfilling senior living experience. Consider the atmosphere and cultural fit of the community, as it significantly influences your social interactions and overall sense of belonging.

Financial Security

Understand the financial model of the community. Evaluate the financial stability and security of the organization. Not-for-profit communities often prioritize resident well-being over profit, ensuring resources are reinvested to enhance services and amenities.

In not-for-profit communities, the emphasis on resident well-being goes beyond a mere commitment; it forms the core of their mission. These communities operate with the primary goal of improving the quality of life for their residents, channeling resources towards initiatives that directly contribute to their welfare.

By prioritizing resident well-being over profit margins, not-for-profit communities are able to create environments where the needs and aspirations of the residents take precedence.

Amenities and Services, Dining Options, and Levels of Service

The amenities and services will give you an idea of what day-to-day life is like in the community. See that the amenities and services can provide you with the kind of lifestyle you want.

Included Services

Explore the amenities and services offered. Look for communities that provide a comprehensive range of services, including housekeeping, maintenance, and transportation, allowing you to focus on enjoying life.

Dining Options

Consider the dining options available. Gourmet meals and diverse dining experiences contribute to a higher quality of life and social engagement within the community.

Levels of Care

Choosing a community with diverse levels of care is a smart move for your future well-being. It anticipates and caters to your evolving health needs as you age, providing a continuum of support without the hassle of relocating.

As you age, your health requirements may change, and having access to various care options within the same community eliminates the need for disruptive moves. This not only contributes to your physical well-being but also enhances emotional and psychological stability.

Start With Independence

Begin your journey in Independent Living, where you can enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle and participate in activities tailored for active older adults.

Get Additional Support As Needed

If you encounter challenges with daily activities, Assisted Living offers the necessary support, ensuring a higher quality of life with assistance in activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, and medication management.

For Complex Health Needs or Recovery

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation are available for those facing complex health issues or recovering from surgery, providing professional medical assistance and rehabilitative therapies.

Specialized Care for Cognitive Challenges

Memory Support is tailored for those dealing with cognitive challenges, offering specialized care by trained staff to ensure safety and comfort.

Having these care options in one community not only caters to your health needs but also creates a supportive and familiar environment.

You can age in place, surrounded by friends and caring staff, fostering a sense of security and continuity for your overall well-being. This approach provides peace of mind for  you and your family.

Choosing a community with various care levels is a proactive and holistic approach to your well-being. It anticipates your changing needs, allowing you to age gracefully with the right support and care, all within the same community.

Organization Stability and Longevity

One item you can look at beforehand is the community’s history. Evaluate the stability and longevity of the organization managing the community.

A well-established organization with a proven track record contributes to a secure and enduring living environment.

Leadership Continuity and Fundamental Values

You can also evaluate a senior living community’s stability by considering its affiliation with a larger system. This trend provides collaborative benefits and strength in numbers.

Belonging to a larger senior living system ensures stability, support during challenges, and consistent leadership and operations. Affiliation with larger systems allows shared resources and better adaptation to changing needs, reflecting industry-wide recognition of its advantages.

Another way to examine the community’s longevity is to take a look at the community’s values and how those values shape the community. For example, integrating Quaker values enhances governance, prioritizing equality, community, and simplicity for resident well-being and shared responsibility.

Quaker-inspired not-for-profit communities prioritize residents over profit, ensuring financial security through reinvestment in services.

group of senior women laughing and hugging outside

Kendal on Hudson: Redefining Senior Living

Nestled along the Hudson River and Rockwood Hall State Park Preserve on a 25-acre campus, Kendal on Hudson offers a unique experience enriched with Quaker values.

Comprehensive Continuum of Care

As a distinguished Life Plan Community, Kendal on Hudson provides a Lifecare contract for those aged 65 and better. This ensures a seamless continuum of care, covering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, and Memory Support.

Residents enjoy lasting peace of mind, knowing their health needs will be met, and couples with varying care needs can reside together conveniently.

Resident-Led Lifestyle Planning

The Resident Council, which only has Kendal residents, actively shapes the community’s lifestyle by planning programs, classes, and events.

Leveraging diverse knowledge and experiences, the council fosters a vibrant community life filled with opportunities for learning, growth, and enjoyment.

Social Connectivity

Kendal on Hudson facilitates effortless social connections, offering numerous opportunities for residents to dine with friends, attend events, volunteer, explore hobbies, join clubs, and mingle in common spaces. This results in a supportive and socially dynamic community teeming with friendship and fun.

Cultural and Intellectual Enrichment

Residents indulge in a diverse array of cultural and intellectual pursuits, from music and poetry to lectures and entertainment events.

The commitment to lifelong learning extends to special interest groups, providing opportunities to explore new hobbies and passions.

Fitness, Health, and Wellness Opportunities

Prioritizing residents’ well-being, Kendal on Hudson offers a range of fitness and wellness opportunities, including yoga, strength training, hiking, and meditation.

State-of-the-art equipment and classes create an ideal setting for older adults who value their health and overall well-being.

Thriving in a Senior Living Community

The selection of a senior living community also comes down to how you believe you’ll fit in at the community. If you feel at home,  you’re likely in the right place.

By carefully considering how you feel and the key aspects to look for in a community, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling chapter in your life.

Kendal on Hudson: A Vibrant Life Plan Community

Kendal on Hudson redefines senior living by offering a unique blend of care, community involvement, intellectual stimulation, fitness opportunities, and a serene environment. The community is a testament to the enriching possibilities that await older adults seeking a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

Are you ready to explore the vibrant and dynamic lifestyle at Kendal on Hudson? Call us today at 833-235-5850 to learn more about Kendal on Hudson and discover how you can thrive in our welcoming community. Your journey to a fulfilling senior living experience begins here.