Lifelong Learning For Older Adults

Lifelong learning is a core value at Kendal on Hudson.

Engaging in Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education at Kendal on Hudson

The pursuit of lifelong learning and acquiring new knowledge is a pastime many older adults who are aging enjoy. In fact, when planning for senior living, most seek out communities catering to lifelong learners who wish to develop new skills, enhance their cognitive abilities, enjoy social connections, and remain intellectually stimulated. They find this at Kendal on Hudson.

Kendal on Hudson Education Committee

Our Education Committee strives to provide educational programs and intellectual stimulation for residents. Because of their efforts, our community is rich with opportunities to continue learning. This includes:

  • The Monday Night Lecture Series
  • Short-term courses
  • Seminars
  • Various reading and discussion groups

These opportunities are presented in four different formats:

Lecture Programs

Since Kendal on Hudson opened, the Education Committee has sponsored more than 650 presentations. Topics include:

  • Politics
  • World Affairs
  • Environmental Issues
  • Science
  • Astronomy
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Education
  • Social and National Issues
  • Film Theater
  • Local History


Education-based courses are hosted ten months a year. Each topic has a series of three to four presentations. Some courses include:

  • The Science of Climate Change
  • Sapiens
  • America’s Search for a New Voice
  • Middle East
  • China and the Future
  • History of Paris
  • Religion and Society
  • American Impressionism
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Planet Mars and Perseverance Exploration
  • History of New York City
  • Criminal Law
  • The Plays of August Wilson
  • Musical Reckonings
  • Athenian Drama
  • China
  • History of Afghanistan

Resident-Led Small Group Seminars

Kendal on Hudson hosts a range of small group seminars. These have included poetry discussions and presentations on Russian literature. One of our most popular was a four-week poetry seminar led by Llyn Clague titled “Five American Poets: Whitman, Eliot, Stevens, Williams, Hughes.”

Resident-Led Discussion Programs – Great Decisions Program

From climate change discussions to Great Decisions Discussion programs, there’s always a lot to talk about and learn.

Our Great Decisions discussion programs have included topics like:

  • Increasing Tensions in the Middle East
  • Brexit and the European Union
  • The Melting Arctic: Opportunity or Conflict?
  • China in Africa: Development or Colonialism?
  • Tensions in the Korean Peninsula: Roles of International Organizations in a Global Health Crisis
  • The End of Globalization

Other resident-led discussions include:

  • Climate Change
  • Putin’s Russia
  • The Quad Alliance
  • Changing Demographics
  • Biden’s Foreign Policy
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Kendal on Hudson at Pace University

In addition, to enhance the educational experience of residents and the community, Kendal on Hudson partners with Pace University. Through this partnership, Kendal on Hudson residents enjoy:

Complimentary Classes

Residents of Kendal on Hudson can take one undergraduate Pace course per semester without paying tuition, whether to expand their current expertise or try something completely new. 

A pre-approved list of courses will be offered. Residents can participate in class discussions and complete assignments at their own discretion. Lab fees, course materials and textbooks are the responsibility of the auditor.

Opportunities to Mentor

This partnership with Pace University encourages intergenerational relationships among residents and students. Kendal on Hudson residents often serve as mentors to students, sharing their experience as accomplished academics, entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Pace students can also come to the Kendal campus as interns and volunteers, providing them with additional abilities to learn and receive valuable professional experience.

Access to performances

Kendal residents receive discounted admission to performances at Pace’s Schimmel Center in New York City, a short train ride away.

Admission to Campus Events

Residents may have access to select events taking place on campus.

Athletic events

Whether you enjoy football, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, or more, you can attend Pace sporting events (and root for your new home team!).

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