Kendal on Hudson’s Commitment to Environmental and Social Impact

At Kendal on Hudson, Quaker values impact every decision we make for the community. We treat each person as a valued individual, displaying mutual respect and caring, and seek to create a purposeful and meaningful life for those we serve. 

This commitment extends to how we treat the planet and those in need. Keep reading to learn more about Kendal on Hudson’s commitment to environmental and social impact. 

What Is Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility refers to the ethical and moral obligations that individuals, businesses, and organizations have toward society. It involves making decisions that take into account the well-being of all stakeholders, such as employees, residents, the greater community, as well as the environment. This also includes fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion within organizations.

At Kendal on Hudson, we emphasize the importance of these social principles:

To employ financial designs that contribute to security and serve our social objectives to make our services and communities affordable, to the extent possible, to a range of economic capabilities.

Kendal on Hudson volunteers

At the community level, we are actively making an impact through our support, not only of residents at the community who may need assistance but also through outreach to nonprofit organizations in Westchester County and the lower Hudson Valley. 

Residents and staff alike give their time and talents to a wide variety of organizations that serve the community, including:

What Is Environmental Responsibility? 

Environmental responsibility includes efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, conserve resources, promote recycling, and support renewable energy. We believe businesses, organizations, and individuals have a role in minimizing environmental impact.

At Kendal on Hudson, we emphasize the importance of these social principles:

To engage in practices that sustain and improve our environments and our planet.

wildflowers bloom during No Mow May

In 2023, Kendal on Hudson participated in No Mow May, which was initially popularized by Plantlife, a UK organization, but this initiative has taken hold across North America. The goal of this initiative is to take a hiatus from mowing during the month of May, allowing flowers to bloom and helping early-season pollinators. Early spring is a time when floral resources are often limited, and this can make a big impact on the landscape. It also strives to help the community rethink the environment surrounding us and how a more diverse landscape is also more sustainable. 

Beyond this, a focus on using environmentally friendly products and recycling are important behaviors that are promoted at the community.  

A Purposeful Life at Kendal on Hudson

Quaker values promote the importance of the individual, and through this, we encourage everyone to consider their own personal impact on society and how they can contribute, whether through volunteering, donating, or making environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives. We are proud that residents are always seeking ways to get involved and make a difference.

As a Life Plan Community with a Lifecare contract for those aged 65+, Kendal on Hudson offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, and Memory Support, depending on each individual’s unique needs. This means that while a resident is keeping busy making an impact on the community, they also know their needs will be met no matter what care level they might require. 

Come Home to Kendal on Hudson

We believe in the light within every living thing and are committed to making a positive environmental and social impact. Call us at 833-235-5850 to learn more about Kendal on Hudson and our commitment to bettering our community—and the world. 

The principle of community recognizes that lives are enhanced by sharing with and caring for those around us. – Quaker Principles