Learn About the Quaker Values at Kendal on Hudson

Kendal on Hudson is a nonprofit Life Plan Community serving senior adults with compassion and dignity. Our foundation of Quaker values and principles guides our community-held belief that adults in the later stages of life can continue to grow, flourish, and lead fulfilling lives. 

Because Kendal on Hudson is built on Quaker values, we’re transforming the experience of senior living into an engaging, active lifestyle where residents have support from one another, staff, family and friends—and uniting as one senior living community.  

Staff and residents are on an equal footing. For example, everyone from our high school waitstaff to our 104-year-old residents is called by their first name. The staff care about us, and we care about them.


Quaker Values at Kendal on Hudson

You may be wondering what Quaker values lead the Kendal on Hudson community. They include: 

1. Respect for All Individuals

Everyone has a unique story. At Kendal on Hudson, each person is treated with the dignity and care they need to thrive. 

This means encouraging residents to voice their thoughts regarding their healthcare and accommodations—and ensuring they are listened to.  Residents receive high-quality care that promotes their independence and self-esteem.

Kendal on Hudson also takes measures to provide staff with a high-quality work experience so they can offer the best quality of service to residents. 

2. Fostering a Welcoming Community 

All are welcome in this community. We believe that each person brings value to our community, and that belief unites us to act as one. 

Having an inclusive community that welcomes people with open arms makes it easier to build meaningful connections, form friendships, and cultivate a sense of belonging. 

As a community, Kendal on Hudson takes an active role in speaking out on aging issues and advocating for the betterment of older adults. Whether this is through public policy, professional dialogue, or other methods, we always aim to help seniors protect their rights and have access to quality care.

The Kendal on Hudson community also provides many opportunities to give back. We believe we are responsible for helping others around us. Kendal on Hudson partners with other organizations to help serve others in the community. Some partners include:

  • Hudson Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association®
  • Neighborhood House
  • The TaSH Farmers Market

3. Enhance the Quality of Life for Residents 

Our commitment to providing the best life possible for residents requires a holistic and individualized approach. We take steps to make sure we’re meeting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of all residents at Kendal on Hudson.

Through our thoughtful social programming and robust amenities, residents have a plethora of opportunities to stay active and connected with the community. 

With this comprehensive approach to wellness and commitment to bettering the lives of residents at Kendal on Hudson, residents can enjoy themselves every day and love where they live.  

This sense of the broader community also means we residents have a say in decision-making.

  1. Before the schematics for the Common Areas Refresh project were determined, our various committees held 22 meetings with the architects to voice concerns and express requirements and desires.
  2. We have many advisory committees that have a strong influence on how things are done here: Dining Advisory, Health and Wellness Advisory, Budget Advisory.
  3. We have three residents who are also members of the Kendal on Hudson Board. Many board-level committees, such as the Strategic Planning Committee and CEO Search Committee, include residents.

Decisions are reached by consensus rather than votes, and we know that to reach consensus we must develop good listening skills. This exemplifies how some define Quakerism: Listening spirituality.

4. Continued Learning and Growth

We have a commitment to lifelong learning for all—residents, staff, community members, and more. In our programming for residents, we provide classes, lectures, and expert-led special events to spark interest and help residents further pursue their passions. 

We also recognize the accomplishments and talents of our residents, and encourage them to take on leadership roles in teaching others something new.

A key value is to promote an environment of continuous learning—we experience that in so many ways: Monday Night lectures, monthly educational programs ranging from music appreciation to politics to history. We have Sunday afternoon concerts, trips to all sorts of museums and points of interest, and so much more. All these are designed and implemented by residential committees. We, together, constitute the ‘Activities Director’ so many other retirement communities have.

5. Excellence in Leadership

Another important Quaker value at Kendal on Hudson is excellence in management. Those in leadership roles believe in Kendal on Hudson’s mission and values. We listen and have an open dialogue with residents to ensure transparency, and so we make decisions with integrity.

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards to ensure the quality of life for all at Kendal on Hudson. 

6. Environmental Stewardship 

At Kendal on Hudson, we recognize not only the importance of fostering environmental stewardship at our own community but also by acting responsibly as part of the global community as well. We strive to find sustainable ways to maintain our community and continue to find ecologically sound ways to improve it.  

Be a Part of Community and Collaboration at Kendal on Hudson

Located in Sleepy Hollow, Kendal on Hudson offers residents long-term peace of mind in a beautiful community along the Hudson River. Our Quaker values are a way of life that guide us to always strive to make life better for others. 

We celebrate the experience of aging, knowing that there are so many ways to lead meaningful lives. Staff, residents, and friends of the community all share the spirit of caring and respect for one another. 

Call Kendal on Hudson today to learn more about our community rooted in Quaker values and how we can help your loved one retire to a life they can enjoy while being active.