How to Adjust to the Effects of Daylight Savings Time Ending This Fall

two seniors holding an alarm clock

Daylight savings time is coming to a close, and with it comes an extra hour of sleep!  While it’s usually harder to adjust when losing an hour of sleep in the spring, falling back does usually require some adjustment, as well.

“With an extra hour of sleep and an increase of natural sunlight in the morning, comes more opportunity for those at Kendal on Hudson to enjoy their mornings and start the day fresh,” says

Julie Moran, RN, Resident Care Manager at Kendal on Hudson, the only true Life Care community in Westchester County. “The problem, however, is when the sun sets earlier. This can cause your circadian rhythm to shift and cause an array of negative effects that need to be overcome.”

Adjusting to the End of Daylight Savings Time

For those who like to keep their routine and schedule, they may notice that they have a harder time falling asleep and taking advantage of the hour of extra rest. This may take some adjustment. Until your body adjusts to falling asleep and waking up at a different time, you may notice symptoms of restlessness and fatigue. To lessen these effects, consider some of the following adjustments you can make to ensure you are starting each day fresh and renewed while enjoying every moment.

    • Expose yourself to the early sunlight. This can help your internal clock to get moving and recognize the change faster. Not to mention it’s a great way to start the day! Schedule an outdoor brunch with friends, go for a walk in the early morning and enjoy the fall scenery, or enjoy a morning in town to grab coffee. At Kendal on Hudson, residents love to do this every day!
    • Stay up an hour later or wake up an hour earlier. At Kendal on Hudson, there’s so much to enjoy that this isn’t often a problem for our residents. In fact, many like to spend a little extra time in our piano lounge enjoying a drink with friends to ring in the change! Those of us who are early birds take a quiet, early morning to catch up on the news, grab a quick bite to eat before jumping into the day or squeeze in a workout!
    • While it gets darker sooner, if you’re prone to restlessness, avoid screen time before bed. Just because it’s darker in the evening doesn’t mean your mind can distinguish the difference and settle straight in for bed. In fact, electronics tend to hinder the ability to sleep thanks to a lack of melatonin that it can cause. If you’re itching for something to do, read the latest news journal or a recent best-seller instead until you are ready for sleep.
    • Avoid too much alcohol or caffeine before bed, especially until you’re used to the earlier mornings. If you regularly meet your friends for a drink in the evening, try to opt for seltzer or a decaf beverage. A calming tea after a time change can help to entice the body to sleep, allowing you to refresh and wake up feeling ready to take on everything there is to do.

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