Grandparenting During the Times of COVID-19

Now more than ever, people are missing human connection, seeing their friends and family, hearing the laughter of their grandchildren and enjoying the company of those they love the most.…

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Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated and Healthy in the Summer Heat

For many, there is nothing better than spending time in the summer sun. Whether you simply enjoy taking walks throughout nature, exploring the many parks or outdoor activities, fishing, boating…

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5 Reasons Sleepy Hollow, NY Is the Best Place to Retire

When it comes to choosing a Lifecare Community, you want to choose a location that will offer you everything you want while affording you access to care, support, engagement and…

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4 Expert Tips for Downsizing and Decluttering This Summer

When most people think of summer, they think of beach vacations, picnics, hot weather and sunshine. It’s very rare that something like downsizing and decluttering comes to mind – however,…

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How Exercise Can Boost Your Mood During Difficult Times

During difficult times, many people try to find some ways to alleviate their stress, manage their emotions and simply feel better about everything that’s going on in their world. From…

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Man sitting on sofa playing guitar

Tips for Older Adults to Stay Positive While Practicing Safe Social Distancing

During social distancing, it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook. After all, we’ve barely seen friends and family, we may not yet feel comfortable getting close to others…

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Woman in the kitchen smiling and holding a red pepper

4 Easy Ways for Seniors to Spring Clean Their Health Routine During COVID-19

When many seniors think about spring, they often think of spring cleaning and all the ways they need to prepare for the season ahead. This season, however, looks a little…

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Creative Ways Seniors Can Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

None of us are strangers to how COVID-19 is taking a toll on physical and mental health. From remaining in our homes to finding new ways to connect with those…

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Woman laughing while reading a tablet

How Older Adults Can Stay Socially Connected During Social Distancing

When it comes to social distancing, we all know the importance. Especially now, it’s important to stop the spread of viruses and infections by keeping distance between yourself and others.…

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