Winter Safety 101: Staying Safe and Healthy This Season

In the winter, there’s so much to do. From visiting friends and family to going to festivals, holiday symphonies and ballets, shopping and more, it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year. To enjoy it, it’s important to do your part in staying safe and healthy, ensuring a holiday season to remember.

“Winter safety begins with knowing what hazards are out there,” says Steve Fishler, Interim CEO of Kendal® on Hudson, the only true Life Care community in Westchester County. “From snow, ice and rain, to slippery entrances in your home and stores, uncovering how to best manage the cold and more, there are so many things to think about. It’s important to plan accordingly while effectively diminishing these hazards to stay safe and healthy.”

Let us take the guesswork out of your winter safety by outlining some of the best ways to ensure enhanced safety and good health.

Staying Safe and Healthy This Winter

    • Dress for the weather. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t hurt to dress a little warmer than you think you need to. Layers can always be taken off. Dress in a sweater or wear a stylish cardigan over a shirt. Wear long pants, socks and slippers. If you’re going outside, a hat, gloves and good boots are the perfect option. Blankets are wise to keep around, as well.
    • Prevent broken bones by decreasing fall hazards. Slippery sidewalks, black ice, tripping over a rug that’s not flat on the ground. Anything can happen, no matter how physically fit you are. Take care to be extra vigilant when going outside and when coming back in, as ice and water can melt from clothes and shoes of others coming and going. Be sure to watch your step, wear shoes with good traction and keep up your fitness routine so you can keep improving your balance and reaction times.
    • Fill all prescriptions and food so you’re never without. You don’t want to be left without your prescription when a winter storm hits. Try to plan accordingly so you can have your prescriptions ahead of time, so if you do happen to get caught indoors, you won’t run out. The same goes for food. Aim for an emergency supply in case of power outages, and stock up on some of your favorite soups, snacks and coffee for a cozy winter afternoon. Those who live at Kendal on Hudson do not need to think twice about this, because everything they need is all in one place, making the wintery weather that much more enjoyable.
    • Make sure your home and car are set for winter. Ensure you’re stocked up on ice melt, shovels and emergency supplies. Check your heating systems to be sure they are going to run smoothly and efficiently, as well. A heat source not working can make for a costly, and cold winter season. It will also be important to pack your car for emergencies while making sure it’s safe. Replace your brakes if needed, check for exhaust leaks, check or change your oil, and make sure your tires are fit for winter weather. If that all sounds daunting to you, let us take the work from you. Those at Kendal on Hudson don’t need to worry about the tasks of house ownership and can instead spend their winter doing what they want instead of what they have to do.

When the weather is particularly cold, or it becomes more dangerous to travel, be sure to check on others. Make sure they have what they need, that they are warm and have power and are not dealing with any injuries due to fall hazards.

For more information about winter safety, or to learn more about how Kendal on Hudson can take away many of your winter worries and woes, contact us. We would be happy to share our tips, cold weather hacks and give you a tour of our community. Simply call to schedule your visit today at 914-922-1000.

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