4 Things You Didn't Know About Continuing Care Retirement Communities

man hugging his senior father

Continuing Care Retirement Communities come with a wide array of benefits, as many people know. In doing research to find where might be the best fit according to your lifestyle, you will find plenty of the same information. From quality health care to an engaging lifestyle, they can all tend to blur together. To help them stand out, you should look for some of the lesser-known advantages of Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

“There’s no reason to settle for a Continuing Care Retirement Community where you’re not going to receive everything you want and more,” according to Ellen Ottstadt, Director of Resident Services of Kendal on Hudson, the only true Life Care community in Westchester County. “It’s important to choose a community that defies the stereotypes so commonly associated with aging and instead transforms the experience of aging to create the experience you desire. Look for a community that both meets your current needs with a lifestyle that enhances growth and provides opportunities to serve others, and that can meet your needs as you age without compromising the lifestyle you love.”

Things You Might Not Know About Continuing Care Retirement Communities

    • You don’t have to compromise your lifestyle. Many communities have a range of services, amenities and programming, but not all are created equal. At Kendal on Hudson, we don’t create activities for you. Instead, our resident committees lead clubs and groups, plan social events, learning opportunities and more based on their own interests – not what a community says their interests are. Be sure to keep this in mind and ask for in-depth information about their lifestyle. Are there opportunities to further your education? Mentor students? Volunteer within the community? Are there opportunities to travel? This is important for well-being, so make sure that the community can stack up.
    • Residents are boring? Not a chance. At Kendal on Hudson, our residents have lived and continue to live fulfilling lives with rich experiences, extensive travel and deep educational and professional backgrounds. You can find all types of people here that share your interests, beliefs and experiences. You can also find an array of those with completely different cultural backgrounds from which you can learn more. In fact, they may even inspire your next travels!
    • Travel is a priority. At Kendal on Hudson, you can pick up and travel whenever you feel like it, knowing your home is secure. You always have total freedom to explore new things, enjoy an array of experiences and have complete flexibility.
    • The surrounding area matters. Are you close to all the things you love? The vibrancy of the city, the excitement of festivals in the community, theatre, music and art? If the surrounding area doesn’t meet your needs and desires, it’s best to move on and look elsewhere.

You can experience this lifestyle for yourself at Kendal on Hudson. Call us today for more information, to schedule a tour or talk to a member of our team.

Together, Transforming the Experience of Aging.®

Founded on Quaker principles and guided by our values and practices, Kendal® on Hudson provides a vibrant, active and social senior lifestyle on our 25-acre campus next to the historic Hudson River. As the only Lifecare community in Westchester County, we offer four levels of service for our residents: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services.

Kendal on Hudson is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Kendal on Hudson is an affiliate of The Kendal Corporation, a system of communities and services for older people based in Kennett Square, PA. We support diversity, inclusiveness, and independence and support the values and practices of Kendal by remaining focused on healthy aging. Located in Sleepy Hollow, New York, just 35 miles from New York City, we offer a vibrant lifestyle, cultural programs, continued learning and health care for life.

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