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Tips for Older Adults to Stay Positive While Practicing Safe Social Distancing

During social distancing, it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook. After all, we’ve barely seen friends and family, we may not yet feel comfortable getting close to others or we may still be left reeling from our change in lifestyle and routine. It’s no surprise that this time has been hard on all of us, so it’s important to find ways to improve your mood, stay positive and stay safe as restrictions begin to ease and life reaches a semi-new normal.

“This time has really done a lot to throw everything we know and love off. While we’ve been adapting, following all safety precautions and understanding that this is all for the best, it doesn’t mean that it’s been easy,” says Pamela Klapproth, CEO at Kendal on Hudson, the only true Lifecare Community in Westchester County. “We are fortunate to have had each other to lean on throughout all of this. This ability to remain together, rely on each other and live a more worry-free lifestyle with access to assistance when needed has only helped to ensure everyone within our walls stays healthy, well and more positive. In fact, many of our residents as well as their families couldn’t be happier that they are here during this time. Below, we’ve outlined some of the best ways we are helping residents and others stay positive while facing these challenging times, as well as how they can connect, engage and enjoy time with those they love while staying safely apart and continuing to socially distance.”

Kendal on Hudson: Helping Older Adults Stay Positive During Social Distancing

  • Find different ways to connect. Connection is crucial at any time, however, it’s even more important now! Connect with your friends and family through video chat, schedule a weekly call, have a game night over video on Saturday or enjoy a Sunday movie watch party online.

  • Get active. Exercise will do so much to boost your mood, increase positivity and help you feel more active, engaged and happy. Watch some workout videos on YouTube, take a virtual class, go for a walk outside or simply have a dance party in your living room!

  • Take on a new project. This is the perfect time to try a new hobby, update the look and feel of your home, finish all the projects you put on hold and enjoy the free time to do as you please. Get creative by making a new painting for your wall, pick your old favorite instrument back up or sharpen up your cooking skills! Any amount of creativity or variety can help to make you feel more positive and happier.

  • Turn off the news or set a limit. The news can easily put a damper on your day and make you feel pessimistic, sad and frustrated. Set out to limit your news intake daily by only watching the news from a certain time on, turning it off when you aren’t paying attention to it and ensuring you don’t watch before bed, as it can make you less able to fall asleep. It can also help to seek out positive and happy news to boost your morale, happiness and joy!

  • Make a list of things you’ll do with your friends once this is over. While nothing may be certain at this point, planning your future trips, outings and more can be a great way to keep your mind occupied. Daydream about the places you want to see, take a virtual tour of state parks you are interested in to get a feel of what it will be like to be there and enjoy creating your own bucket list.

  • Get outdoors. Taking a walk outside and connecting with nature can help to bring you peace and a more positive outlook. Enjoy the feeling of the sun and breeze, listen to the birds and watch the sunrise or sunset.

  • Make a gratitude list. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in everything that’s wrong in the world right now. Make it a goal to combat these negative feelings with a gratitude list. At the beginning or end of every day, list out what you’re thankful for, things that brought you joy and what you are grateful for. This can help you feel more positive while bringing to light all the things that are good in your life.

To learn more about how to increase positivity in times of uncertainty, contact the team at Kendal on Hudson. We would be happy to share more of our tips and tricks to keep you happy, engaged and connected during this time. Simply contact us today at 914-922-1011.

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