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Questions To Ask When Choosing Assisted Living

Senior woman and caregiver go walking outdoors Choosing the right assisted living facility for you or a loved one is a huge decision. For starters, how do you begin? What…

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What Will Be Your Legacy? Tips for Legacy and Estate Planning

A close up of a man signing his last will and testament. A pair of eyeglasses rest on the desktop in the background. A warm color scheme dominates the scene.…

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time To Sell Your Home (And Move into a Life Plan Community)

The summer months have long been known as the perfect time to sell your home. With the longer days, the good weather, the beautiful scenery and generally more flexibility when…

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5 Ways Lifecare Offers Peace of Mind for Older Adults (and Their Children)

When it’s time to choose a place to live your senior years—one that meets your needs now and in the future—there are many things that older adults and their adult…

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How a Healthy Lifestyle Reduces the Risk of Dementia

Senior couple cooking together at home meal preparation Our brains manage everything in our bodies from memories, emotions and feelings to physical functions and more. Because dementia is a disease…

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Life-Enriching Amenities To Look for When Choosing a Life Plan Community

You’ve made the decision to upsize your retirement lifestyle and move to a Life Plan Community. Congratulations—you’re making a sound investment in your health, happiness and well-being for now and…

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Choosing Your Perfect Retirement Location

As anyone in real estate will tell you: it’s all about location, location, location. Now that retirement is on the horizon (or you’ve already crossed the finish line), you’re ready…

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How To Choose the Perfect Independent Living Community for You

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to move into independent living and are making an investment in your current and future needs. Now comes the fun part: choosing the perfect community…

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4 Tips for Choosing Skilled Nursing Care

The idea of choosing a place for skilled nursing care isn’t something many of us want to consider. However, if you or your loved one end up requiring a high…

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