5 Secrets for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year celebrations slowing down, it’s time for many to focus on the resolutions they’ve made for themselves for the upcoming year. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit, eat better, get more involved or simply take more time for yourself, it’s important to do what makes you happy while both enjoying your days and meeting your goals.

“When we begin New Year’s resolutions, we often start out strong with a concrete plan in place,” says Ellen Ottstadt, Director of Resident Services at Kendal® on Hudson, the only true Life Care community in Westchester County. “As time goes by, however, we may find it harder to stick to our resolutions and may even find that we’ve completely thrown them to the wind. Even though this is fairly common, there are some ways you can help to ensure you keep your resolutions, it simply takes a little bit of determination and some smart planning.”

Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020

According to an article by CNN, the secret to keeping your New Year resolutions lies primarily in your own mindset. The article states that if you believe you can do it, chances are, you will – if you do not, however, you likely won’t. In order to ensure the greatest possible success, try some of the following tips to help yourself start your New Year’s resolutions off strong!

  1. Be specific. The article states that you should create specific, practical goals. Try to define what behavior you’d like to start or change, outline how and when and define where. For example, instead of stating you’d like to eat healthier, state, “I will eat more vegetables for dinner each day” or “I will eat less sweets and instead limit them to birthday parties or Sundays.”
  2. Set yourself up for success. If you know your habits, use them to create plans to prevent that behavior. The article uses the example of sweets. If you don’t want to eat as many sweet treats, remove them from your home and do not buy them. If you know you reach for your phone first thing in the morning, keep it in another room and use a regular alarm clock. These changes can help you to be more successful, instead of making it easier to stray from your goals.
  3. Don’t let small slip-ups throw you off course. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! It’s only natural and normal to have some slip-ups, but instead of feeling bad about them and throwing your whole goal as well as any progress you’ve made away, get back up and keep going. If you miss a night of exercise, be sure to continue the next day. Practice saying “no” to dessert.
  4. Create a support system and talk about your goals. Accountability can have a big difference on your goals and mindset. Talk to people about your goals, go to the gym with a friend, practice healthy eating with your family. By having a support system, you’re far more likely to meet your goals.
  5. Create your own schedule. Instead of one big resolution, why not try to create a few smaller resolutions? As the article states, some opt for 12 micro-resolutions, one a month, to add variety and a year of small successes. Take out one behavior a month or add one. For example, make it a goal to read a book or two one month; the next month, cut out soda. Simply choose resolutions that fit your lifestyle and desires and enjoy a year of small victories.

To make it even easier, write out a clear, concrete plan to adhere to. Seeing your goals on paper, or at least listed out, can help to ensure your eyes are on the prize.

Resolutions to Make That Will Enhance Your New Year

Using these secrets, try some of our suggested resolutions to make your New Year the best year yet.

  • I will keep my brain busy by getting involved and trying new things each month. Put your micro-resolutions to action by vowing to try something new on a monthly basis. Involve yourself in something you’ve always wanted to do, then choose something you’re curious about, try a new sport, volunteer within the community and participate in programming at a local Lifecare community like Kendal on Hudson. By adding variety, you open yourself up to learning more new things, meeting new people and finding more passions.
  • I am going to make my mental health a priority by interacting with others daily. Spending too much time by yourself can put you at risk for isolation and depression. If your resolution is to be more social, add accountability by physically going somewhere to socialize. Kendal on Hudson has an array of programming you can enjoy while socializing with all the current residents.
  • I will travel and explore this year. To make this happen, it’s best to be as specific as possible. Outline how often you’d like to travel and make a list of places you’d like to go. On your list, include day trips, overnight stays, travels abroad and dream locations, then, make it happen. Residents at Kendal on Hudson can even take advantage of Resident Swap programs, allowing them to switch homes for a decided amount of time with other Kendal residents.
  • This year, I will make a plan for my future by researching Lifecare. Making a plan for the future is a great resolution to have. Plan out what your goals are for the future. To enjoy a carefree lifestyle with the peace of mind of care? To be more social and prevent health issues from isolation and depression? To live the lifestyle you deserve and have dreamed of? At Kendal on Hudson, we can help outline your goals to come up with a plan that fits the future you desire.

To learn more ways to keep your resolutions, or to learn more about how Kendal on Hudson can help you enhance your New Year and meet your goals, contact us today. We would be happy to help you improve your life, meet your goals and enjoy the lifestyle you desire. Simply call to schedule your visit today at 866-358-5802.

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