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4 Shockingly Easy Ways to Be a Tech Savvy Grandparent

A study released in Feb. 2012 by Microsoft and AARP, titled Connecting Generations, found that teens are actually communicating more with their parents and grandparents, and vice-versa, due to the use of social media tools and other online tools that enable cross-generational interactions and richly rewarding connections. Are you staying connected?

Whether you’re just a short distance or a flight away from family, it’s easy to feel disconnected in this busy world. Technology can help keep you keep in touch and impress the grandkids. Check out these apps that will help you stay connected while impressing the younger generations.

ZuberFamZoom! Developed by grandparents for grandparents, this app lets you play games, do puzzles and even work on homework with your grandkids in real time. Doodle, draw, read stories, play games, put puzzles together, do actual homework … There’s no waiting. No turn taking. No ceding control. The interactivity is endless (though you can play all of the activities solo when your zoom buddy is unavailable). Currently available for free on iOS.

Skype: The go-to app to talk, video-chat or message for free using your phone, tablet or computer. You can also privately receive and send photos, videos and files of any size, any time. Available on iOS, Android and computers.

Lifecake: A must-have app for the photo and video camera lovers. Lifecake organizes memories of your grandkids by age – down to the year, month and day. You can see how much they’ve grown in a short amount of time or see what they were up to at any age. You can make it a family affair by sharing with others so that they can comment on photos and receive notifications when new photos are up. It’s the new portable brag book for grandparents. Available for free on iOS and Android up to 1GB of storage.

A Story Before Bed: You can be there for bedtime every night with A Story Before Bed, the first & only service that lets you record a children’s book online with audio and video. You can choose from a library of hundreds of books, and your grandkids can play back the recording as often as they like. You can download the app for iPhone or iPad or use it on Mac or PC for $9.99/month, a little more than most apps but a small price to pay for a unique form of intergenerational, long distance communication.

Being a grandparent is and should be rewarding no matter how far or near you may be. These apps will help you build meaningful relationships and memories for years to come.