The Latest on Covid-19 at Kendal on Hudson

May 1, 2020

WHY we continue with our restrictions: 

• The curve of infection rate is flattening, but new cases are diagnosed daily, especially in Westchester County

• We continue to have occasional positive cases of Covid-19 in the community

• Our approximately 300 residents are among the most vulnerable population; it is the expectation of the Department of Health that as a CCRC we keep measures in place to minimize exposure and preserve life   

WHEN will Kendal look toward easing restrictions?

When the timing is right, aligned with New York State directives. Consider:

• New York remains on PAUSE through May 15th and only then will some regions enter Phase I of reopening if they have had 14-day decline in the number of new cases; we should expect that Westchester County (coupled with NYC and Long Island) will be among the last to reopen

• Leadership (both Kendal and Resident) is looking ahead to evaluate what our first steps might be…but we can’t make plans now without knowing what the landscape will be at the time reopening can commence

Can residents gather in groups?

Currently it is too risky to consider more than two people congregating in one area. We will assess this again weekly.  We will prioritize when and ways to facilitate this so that residents can again enjoy safe social interactions.  

Can we continue to use Rockwood Park?

Yes.  Be aware that as the weather becomes nicer, more people will be flooding the park.  We encourage you to be in control over your own environment – wear your mask and socially distance from other park users.  Leadership is considering what provisions can be put in place here on Kendal property to offer safer alternatives to the park.  Recommendations will be shared when it is safe to proceed.  

What if we see another Kendal resident “breaking a rule”?

Please be patient with others in our community.  Encourage others to be compliant. We can all slip into old habits or not realize we have forgotten to adhere to a restriction.  Gently remind one another. 

How is Kendal supporting residents with COVID symptoms? 

Independent Living residents have been given a self-monitoring tool and are asked to report any sudden onset of COVID or other physical maladies to the Resident Care Center.  Daily monitoring is conducted.  Each resident is provided with clinical case management according to their reported symptoms.  

 Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Residents are monitored by the nursing staff of each neighborhood for signs and symptoms of COVID. This includes taking each resident’s temperature during each shift.  

Can people be stopped from entering the Kendal property / campus via Rockwood Park?

Policing the activity of non-residents entering the property via the Sleepy Hollow trail or Rockwood Park would take significant energy and entry is virtually impossible to control.  We share your concern that those using the property as part of their recreational endeavors do so safely.  Signs are being made and will be placed around the property stating, “Protect Our Seniors, Wear a Mask, Maintain 6 Foot Distancing”.  

How can I best protect myself?

Take control of your own environment by 

• Wearing your mask 

• Always socially distance at a minimum of 6 feet from others

• Avoid touching your face

• Wash your hands frequently