Special Q&A

COVID Update from Administration

In an abundance of caution, Kendal on Hudson Administration has thoughtfully decided to institute a “14-day pause” on all social visitors to the property and seated dining beginning Wednesday, December 2nd. This is done in response to the prevalence of COVID cases in Westchester County* and our desire to maintain our community as a safe space for all who reside here. It is also being put in place to proactively mitigate any COVID issues at Kendal which may negatively impact the year-end holidays we are all hoping for (and so justly deserve!).

* 5.8% tested positive yesterday

What will be put on pause for 14 days?

Visitors to all levels of care – Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing – will be restricted beginning Wednesday, December 2nd. Also, seated dining will be suspended, meaning that the Bistro is open to Independent Residents for take-out only. Adirondack, Sunnyside & Clearwater meals will be served in the respective neighborhoods.

When will the pause end?

Administration will continue to monitor COVID prevalence in our region. If appropriate,  visitors to Independent Living and seated dining will resume on Wednesday, December 16th.  The Visitation Program for Adirondack, Sunnyside & Clearwater will be evaluated separately and are contingent upon meeting Department of Health criteria at the time.   

What will remain “open”?

Common area spaces will remain open for use by residents.  This includes the Gathering Room, Art/Craft Room, Fitness Center/Pool, Library, Resident Care Center, the Hudson Room and Salon. Transportation will continue to medical appointments and for vital shopping. 

Who can come to Kendal other than residents and staff?

Individuals coming to Kendal for “medically necessary visits” or “Kendal business purposes” will be granted access. This may include private duty aides, health care professionals and contractors/work (wo)men. Newspaper and Pharmacy delivery will continue by the vendors directly to the apartments. All such individuals are expected to enter via the front lobby for COVID screening before going to their area of work. If you  have a special need or consideration, please contact Ellen (x1080) or Lisa (x1083). 

Marketing will continue to work with prospective residents during this time.  Prospective residents will also enter through the front entrance, be screened for COVID and will always be escorted by a Marketing Dept staff person.   

New residents may join us during this 14-day period. New York State travel guidelines and subsequent quarantine and testing will apply to new residents if they are coming from beyond NY’s contiguous states.   

Can I have other residents visit in my apartment?

Yes, Independent Living residents may continue to visit in apartments.  Limit is 4 additional residents.

Are staff being tested regularly?

Yes, all Kendal on Hudson staff are COVID tested once per week. Some staff do test positive – a reminder that our staff is a microcosm of the greater geographic community.  Staff testing positive are quarantined in accordance with Kendal’s Pandemic Policy and Department of Health guidelines. The number of new staff cases is reported weekly in Kendal’s Status Update document.  Staff will not be identified by Department in order to protect confidentiality. If a resident has directly received services from a staff person who tests positive, the resident is advised of this contact. 

How can I protect myself?

Continue to wear your mask, practice social distancing and ensure proper hand hygiene.  Be sure to wear your mask when any person – staff or other resident – is in your apartment with you.  Follow room capacity guidance for common areas and do not congregate in hallways. If you are in a space with others and feel uncomfortable due to proximity, excuse yourself.  For example, wait for the next elevator if it seems to be  crowded.

Our collective goal is to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19 at Kendal on Hudson. In taking proactive steps now, we hope to maintain a healthful and happy environment through the end of December… and try to enjoy the year-end holidays that are fast approaching.