Lifecare 101: CCRC Type A Contracts Explained

senior couple shaking hands with a representative after signing a contract

More and more, older adults are making the choice to live in Life Plan Communities, also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities can offer one to three different care contacts, better known as Type A, type B or Type C contracts. Each offers a different kind of entry fee, monthly fee and fees for higher levels of care. They also have varying levels of amenities and services available to residents. 

Kendal on Hudson, the only full Life Plan Community in Westchester County, offers a Type A CCRC contract that begins at the Independent Living level. They guarantee lifetime access to a full continuum of on-campus care in specialized apartments or health centers and a suite of all-inclusive perks for a predictable monthly rate.

Read on to learn about the senior living contract offered by Kendal on Hudson.

What Is Lifecare?

Essentially, Lifecare is a financial contract providing health care and services for the rest of your life. At a community like Kendal on Hudson, residents pay an entrance fee to join and then a predictable monthly fee for the remainder of your stay, regardless of whether your long term care needs change. These fees cover your private residence, lifestyle perks, dining, residential services and amenities, as well as certain future living and health care accommodations in Assisted Living, Memory Support, Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing care.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities present the best of both worlds: an active, independent lifestyle filled with social opportunities and higher levels of care to meet your health and assistance needs as you age. It’s important to remember that although you may be healthy, active, and independent now, the future is impossible to predict. That’s where the Lifecare contract comes in.

Type A Lifecare Contract

A Type A Lifecare contract is a great option for older adults living independently who want financial predictability, peace of mind, a lifetime home, and access to high-quality care at predictable rates. A Type A contract requires more substantial entrance and monthly fees but offers the greatest value of the three contract types in terms of future health care costs. 

When residents want to ensure they can afford and receive future medical care, Type A contracts offer financial predictability and peace of mind. This is what your entrance fee covers. A move from Independent Living to a higher level of care means little to no increase in monthly fees. If Rehabilitation is needed after a surgery or illness, residents won’t pay full market rate for care.

Kendal on Hudson offers three different levels of refundability ranging from an amortized plan to a plan that’s 90% refundable. With these options you can guarantee your future financial plans.

And at Kendal on Hudson, if you transition into another level of care, you’ll still have access to all the services, amenities, wellness programing and Lifelong Learning opportunities you’ve come to love. 

Kendal on Hudson: Senior living founded on Quaker Principles.

Guided by our values and practices, Kendal on Hudson provides a vibrant, active and social older adult lifestyle on our 25-acre campus next to the historic Hudson River. As the only Lifecare community in Westchester County, we offer Independent Living and four higher levels of care for our residents, including Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.