Winning Winter Attitude: How to Stay Positive During the Cold Months

It’s cold, it’s dark and often, it’s dreary. The winter festivities have calmed down and now it’s time to wait out the worst of the winter season. It’s easy to be down about the weather, after all, it can look positively miserable outside, but this attitude does little but make the beginning of the new year drag on. This is no way to start the year ahead, instead, kick those winter blues and trade them in for a winning winter attitude!

“Starting the year off with a bad attitude is a waste of a perfectly good time,” says Cathy DiSomma, Fitness Coordinator at Kendal on Hudson, the only true Life Care community in Westchester County. “There’s so much that can be good about the winter season, especially at Kendal on Hudson. Our residents know best how to stay positive during the long stretch ahead, and it’s contagious. From engaging programming to endless social opportunities, an array of services to gracious amenities and so much more, positivity abounds. Whether you are enjoying the lifestyle you desire here or are awaiting the return of spring in your home, there are many ways to live life to the fullest all winter long.”

Embracing Positivity in the Cold Winter Months

  1. Determine where your bad energy is coming from. When it comes to having a positive winter, one of the best things to do is determine where the source or your negativity is coming from. Is it the bad weather? Lack of friends around? Less sunshine? Determining what is causing your strife can help to end it for good. Instead of focusing on what you hate, find ways to make it better. For example, spend some cozy time indoors so you don’t need to go out in the weather, enjoy the company of friends in a Lifeare community like Kendal on Hudson, or spend time outdoors when the sun is shining.
  2. Begin a gratitude journal. Get a notebook or a jar and pieces of paper to fold. Whether you do this daily or weekly, keeping a gratitude log or journal can help you to not only feel more thankful and positive, but it is also a great way to reflect on all of the good of the past year.
  3. Spend more time with friends. There’s nothing like good company to make you feel happier, more engaged and involved during the winter. Plan special events with friends, from birthday and anniversary celebrations to simple book clubs. Take up a new hobby as a group, host a weekly dinner or brunch. Getting together with those you love can greatly increase positivity and happiness, while preventing the isolation and depression that the cold seasons can bring.
  4. Get more exercise. If you’re used to exercising outdoors, keep a close eye on the weather. On a nicer day, go for a walk or run. If it’s going to be icy, try to exercise indoors somewhere there is plenty of light or at least a good view. Exercise can increase the amount of positive endorphins to improve happiness and enhance your health, which is good for everyone!
  5. Consider a little vacation. If travel will perk you up and bring some positivity to your colder season, consider venturing somewhere warmer or somewhere with some new things to do. These new experiences can help to boost your mood and bring the season some excitement. Kendal on Hudson even recognizes this and offers a home-swap program for residents to enjoy new places with the same comforts that they know and love.

Until the weather warms up, try to embrace everything the season has to offer. From comfy and warm blankets while snuggling up to a loved one to ice skating, hot chocolate and the beauty of falling snow, embracing the season can allow optimism to rise. We can also help to improve positivity this winter by taking the daunting tasks of house ownership off your plate. Trade in shoveling snow and laying down ice melt for an engaging and social lifestyle, scheduled transportation all winter long and exciting activities to make your season uplifting.

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