4 Ways Kendal on Hudson Maintains a Philosophy of Philanthropy

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At Kendal® on Hudson, we were founded on Quaker values and support diversity, inclusiveness and independence. Each day, we strive to foster a culture of generosity and take responsibility in the larger community. This means we not only share our resources and experience, but we also encourage and develop the use of our time, talent and resources to benefit others. Philanthropy is important to us, and we believe it’s just another way we transform the experience of aging.

“Our spirit of philanthropy dates back 40 years,” says Jean Eccleston of Kendal on Hudson, the only true Lifecare community in Westchester County. “This all began with a gift for the establishment of the first-ever Kendal community. We truly love to serve others and find ways to help ensure they live the lifestyle they deserve. Because of like-minded people and our culture, this tradition lives on.”

How Kendal on Hudson Maintains a Philosophy of Philanthropy

According to Kendal on Hudson’s website, Kendal is a not-for-profit organization, meaning that gifts that are received are given back to others in a wide variety of ways. These can include:

  1. Financial assistance. Whether for residents or the Kendal on Hudson team, there may come a time that, through no fault of their own, someone may require financial support of some kind. Residents who may not be able to meet monthly fees, staff who are dealing with family crises and emergencies or community members who need assistance all benefit from our contributions.
  2. Capital improvements throughout communities. Our communities are always changing to meet the needs of our residents and their families. Enhancements to the Health Center, wellness programs for our community and more are possible with gifts to Kendal on Hudson.
  3. Internships and education. Charitable contributions allow students who desire experience to take part in internships and other learning opportunities. They also allow our team to take advantage of expanded education, increased tuition support and professional advancement, which may not have been affordable otherwise.
  4. Charitable reserves. Because life is unpredictable, our reserves allow us to step in if, and when, support is needed. We are always accepting donations and placing appropriate amounts in reserves so we can stand ready.

Charitable giving at Kendal on Hudson provides an opportunity for our contributors to play a meaningful role in our spirit of generosity, unique to the interests and preferences of each contributor.

To learn more about Kendal on Hudson, including more about our philosophy of philanthropy and how we give back to the community or to simply schedule a tour, contact us today by calling 914-922-1000.

Together, Transforming the Experience of Aging.®

Founded on Quaker principles and guided by our values and practices, Kendal® on Hudson provides a vibrant, active and social senior lifestyle on our 25-acre campus next to the historic Hudson River. As the only Lifecare community in Westchester County, we offer four levels of service for our residents: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services.

Kendal on Hudson is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Kendal on Hudson is an affiliate of The Kendal Corporation, a system of communities and services for older people based in Kennett Square, PA. We support diversity, inclusiveness, and independence and support the values and practices of Kendal by remaining focused on healthy aging. Located in Sleepy Hollow, New York, just 35 miles from New York City, we offer a vibrant lifestyle, cultural programs, continued learning and health care for life.

For more information, please call 914-922-1000.