10 Common Myths About Living in an Independent Living Community

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When seniors get close to retirement, they often begin to consider how they’d like to spend their days. In their research, they may find an array of both facts and myths about retirement living. The difference can sometimes be hard to discern, as each person’s experiences and preferences are different. It’s time to separate the myths from reality in order to make your search as simple as possible.

“The Internet is full of both positive and negative things to say about Independent Living communities,” says Stephanie Fuda of Kendal on Hudson, the only true Lifecare Community in Westchester County. “Although other people’s opinions are nice to consider, it’s important to do research and take your own desires into consideration instead of settling on an Independent Living community that may not be the right one for you.”

10 Common Myths About Living in an Independent Living Community

Keeping an open mind when starting your search for an Independent Living community is important, but to help start your search on the right foot, the team at Kendal on Hudson would like to help debunk some of these myths.

  1. Independent Living communities make you older.

    Many communities know that seniors expect far more than they ever did before, meaning they want to be involved, engaged and fulfilled. Leading communities, such as Kendal on Hudson, take this into consideration to create a lifestyle geared towards active seniors. In fact, studies have shown that the social engagement gained in community living keeps you healthy and independent longer than staying in your own house.

  2. Staying home is better.

    This myth is one of the most heard in Independent Living. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Many seniors who remain at home suffer from depression, become disengaged and their health tends to rapidly decline as a result of being alone. Worse yet, they may consistently worry about their plan for the future. If those who decide to remain at home have health needs that change, they are also subject to uncertainty about rising health care costs and who will provide that care. 

  3. The lifestyle is depressing.

    This stems from the old belief that Independent Living communities are institutional. These days, Independent Living is not only sophisticated and warm but it provides an array of services and amenities akin to a luxury hotel.

  4. Your health will decline.

    While this may sound scary, this is a myth that far too many people have heard. When seniors move to an Independent Living community, they can enjoy a range of wellness programming and fitness classes to continue improving their health and well-being. In fact, many seniors use a personal trainer and spend their time trying brand-new fitness programs they’ve always wanted to explore.

  5. The food is basic.

    Many Independent Living communities offer fresh, delicious meals for residents each day. Kendal on Hudson’s dining provides a culinary experience featuring the latest trends and gourmet techniques. Many of our dishes rival the area’s finest restaurants. The culinary staff at Kendal on Hudson received most of their training at nearby Culinary Institute of America.

  6. Opportunities for growth disappear.

    At Kendal on Hudson, your growth continues, just as it should. With Pace University’s partnership, residents can attend classes and events and continue their learning journey.

  7. There is no freedom to come and go as you desire.

    When you move to Kendal on Hudson, your time is completely your own just as it is now. In fact, the freedom to use your time as you please will increase as you decrease the time needed for daily “chores”. With 24/7 onsite security, you’re free to enjoy the surrounding community, go on a trip and feel confident knowing your home and belongings are secure. Take the train to New York City for the day or enjoy the surrounding community.

  8. If your health needs change, you’ll have to move anyway.

    At a Lifecare Community, you have the constant peace of mind that as your needs change, you will always have the care you require on the same campus, without your costs changing from independent living.

  9. I won’t have privacy.

    There are many opportunities for privacy. With your own private home, secluded dining areas and outdoor retreats, you can enjoy as much privacy as you desire.

  10. There is so much that costs extra.

    With your initial fee and a monthly payment, your private apartment, meals, programming, scheduled transportation, health care and more are included. Any extra services are solely for your enjoyment. There is very little that isn’t covered, helping you spend more of your resources on what makes you happy.

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