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Choosing the Right Senior Living Residence: Lifecare Community vs. Rental Community

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As healthy and active individuals, many seniors wonder what benefits a senior living community can offer them. While it’s true that there are an array of options available, and a seemingly endless variety of senior living lifestyles, what is best for seniors often comes down to personal preferences and desires.

“When it comes to choosing the right senior living residence for yourself or a loved one, it’s best to do as much research as you can in order to be as informed as possible,” says Monique Edwards of Kendal on Hudson, the only true Lifecare community in Westchester County. “The first consideration is choosing a community that is appropriate for your current lifestyle. Second, you should choose a place that can fit into your plan for changing health care needs. Finally, choosing a community that suits you personally is crucial. Searching for a community that has the lifestyle, philosophy and residents to match up with your interests and outlook is more than worth it.”

There are many glaring differences between Lifecare communities and rental communities, below are just a few.

Security and Peace of Mind.

Different types of senior living communities focus on different needs and lifestyles, although they are vastly different. A life plan community like Kendal on Hudson offers a full range of services for a senior’s lifetime, from Independent Living and Assisted Living to Memory Support and around-the-clock Skilled Nursing Care. People in every life stage can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle and total peace of mind all on one campus. For independent seniors, this means they will find the active and vibrant lifestyle they want now, while having peace of mind knowing this will always be their home even if their health needs become more severe. Kendal on Hudson is also a Lifecare community, meaning once residents are accepted for residence, and pay their initial entrance fee, monthly fees remain at the independent level for the duration of their stay, with virtually no increase should their care needs change, except for the cost of additional meals and ancillary costs associated with medical care.

This offers complete peace of mind, because most residents in other senior living communities find that as their health needs change, their costs increase drastically, causing them to need to move from the community they love. It’s also not unheard of for senior living communities to simply offer one or two services on the continuum, requiring a move once care needs advance.

An Array of Services and Amenities.

While Lifecare communities and rental communities both offer a range of services and amenities, they can vary greatly. Some may also cost extra on top of the rental fee. When touring a rental community, be sure to ask what services and amenities are included and ensure your desires are met. Some of the services and amenities Kendal on Hudson provides at no additional cost include scheduled transportation, maintenance, housekeeping and security, dining services and more. Rental communities may simply provide transportation to doctor’s appointments or offer a certain number of basic meals per day.

Health Care Services.

Lifecare communities are distinguished by their ability to provide health care services for their residents throughout their entire lives – at a predictable monthly fee – whether they are completely independent or require around-the-clock care. Couples who live together in Lifecare communities also benefit from one monthly fee, no matter if they have different care needs or not.

With rental communities, prices dramatically fluctuate from one care level to the next, leaving room for large increases. In fact, because you don’t agree upon a set price from the beginning, you don’t know what they could end up increasing to. This can also prove to be extremely costly for couples who have different care needs, as they will have to pay two different fees based on their levels of care.

At Kendal on Hudson, you can experience peace of mind along with the security of knowing your every need will be met. It’s the future you planned for yourself, with all the amenities and involvement you’ve envisioned. We invite you to learn more about our Lifecare community in Westchester County and the lifestyle offered at Kendal on Hudson. For more information, please contact us at 914-922-1000.

Together, Transforming the Experience of Aging®.

Founded on Quaker principles and guided by our values and practices, Kendal on Hudson provides a vibrant, active and social senior lifestyle on our 25-acre campus next to the historic Hudson River. As the only Lifecare community in Westchester County we offer four levels of service for our residents: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services.

Kendal on Hudson is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Kendal on Hudson is an affiliate of The Kendal Corporation, a system of communities and services for older people based in Kennett Square, PA. We support diversity, inclusiveness, and independence and support the values and practices of Kendal by remaining focused on healthy aging. Located in Sleepy Hollow, New York, just 35 miles from New York City, we offer a vibrant lifestyle, cultural programs, continued learning and health care for life.

For more information, please call 914-922-1000.