Visitation Policy for Clearwater

Skilled Nursing Facility Visitation (Post COVID-19)


To facilitate Skilled Nursing Facility (i.e. Clearwater / nursing home) person-centered visits which consider the residents’ physical, mental and psychosocial well-being and supports individual quality of life, while also considering the COVID-19 pandemic.


It is the policy of Kendal on Hudson’s Skilled Nursing Facility, Clearwater, to facilitate visitation for residents in accordance with guidance released by the New York State Department of Health and the facility’s Infection Control Program.  Visitation will, always, adhere to core principles of infection control and best practices that reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Kendal on Hudson will promote core principles of infection control through

  • Placement of instructional signage throughout the facility providing proper educational guidance on COVID-19 signs and symptoms, infection control precautions and other applicable facility practices
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces in the facility and common visitation areas
  • Appropriate staff use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Visitors will promote core principles of infection control through

  • Visitors who have had a confirmed positive viral test for COVID 19 infection should defer non-urgent, in-person visitation until they meet the CDC criteria for healthcare settings to end isolation:  
    • Isolation for days 0 (day of positive test) through day 5 of infection (i.e. no visitation)
    • Days 6 through 10, visitation may occur while wearing a high-quality mask during entire length of visit
  • Visitors who have symptoms compatible with COVID 19 infections should defer non-urgent, in-person visitation until they are no longer experiencing symptoms.
  • Visitors who have had close contact with someone with COVID 19 should defer non-urgent, in-person visitation for 10 days after contact.  If a visit takes place in the 10-day period, it is the responsibility of the visitor to wear a mask and remain masked during the entire visit. 


  1. Visitors are welcome at any time, however, preferred visiting hours are between 10am and 7pm, seven (7) days per week.
  2. Visitors are encouraged to practice hand hygiene through use of alcohol-based hand rub when hands are not visibly soiled. Otherwise, soap and water hand washing should be performed. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is located throughout the facility’s hallways and is available for use of all building occupants. 
  3. Visitors are encouraged to use a face covering or mask, covering mouth and nose, in accordance with the most up-to-date CDC recommendation and commensurate with the visitor’s individual circumstances. 
  4. Visits may occur indoors or outdoors; however, outdoor visitation is encouraged when weather permits.
  5. There is no limit to the number of visitors at one time, however visits should be conducted in a manner that adheres to core principles of COVID 19 infection prevention and does not pose a risk to other residents.  KOH reserves the right to limit the number of individuals visiting in one location and restrict time spent in other locations of the facility outside of the resident room. 
  6. Visiting a resident on transmission-based precautions or in quarantine is not recommended, however such residents can receive visitors.  The visitor assumes all risk involved in proceeding with such a visit.  In these cases, the
    • Visit restricted to the resident’s room
    • Visitor must wear a well-fitted mask and other appropriate PPE
    • Visitor may be restricted from spending time in other locations of the facility at the conclusion of the visit


COVID 19 testing is not required to visit Clearwater residents.  When the community transmission rate is high in the county in which a visitor resides, visitors are encouraged to test prior to coming to the facility. 

Kendal on Hudson reserves the right make adjustments to visitor testing protocols for reasonable clinical or safety causes. During times of high community transmission rate in Westchester County, Kendal on Hudson may temporarily alter the visitor testing policy and request testing prior to visitation.  Such alterations in policy will be posted at the Clearwater entrance doors.  Visitation will not be denied based on failure or refusal of a visitor to test.  A visitor yielding a positive test will be asked to defer non-urgent visits to a later date or will be required to wear full PPE (i.e., high quality mask, gown and gloves) to enter a resident’s room.