Updated Communication on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Kendal on Hudson’s Infection Control Committee has been very active meeting daily and monitoring COVID-19 activity in our local, national and global communities. You have seen some of the Committee’s changes in the Bistro and with the Staff and Visitor Screening process that has been implemented.

The Committee met Thursday armed with new and insightful information from a Long Island based CCRC who has active cases of COVID-19 in their staff and resident communities. Understanding the impact of the outbreak on their ability to operate their community has led the Committee to make some additional decisions to best protect KOH. Where possible, we are continuing to take a “scaled” approach. Please read on to learn about new approaches being adopted EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.


Kendal transportation will continue to operate at this time for the following:

o Travel to medical appointments will continue for acute / necessary appointments. Residents are encouraged to contact their practitioner’s office to ensure that it is an essential medical visit. Residents will be transported one at a time (unless the trip involves a cohabitating couple).

o Travel to grocery stores will continue at this time. This will be done via bus with a maximum seating capacity of 5 at a time.

o Transportation for all Trips outside the community has been canceled until further notice.

Note: Continuing transportation for shopping will be reassessed next week. Should this be discontinued, the Committee will have alternatives to offer to assist residents.

Group Gatherings

All large group gatherings need to be discontinued effective immediately. It is recommended that groups should not exceed 5 people at any one time. If a group of up to 5 people is gathered it should be done in a location where “social distancing” of six feet between people can be observed.

o All group gatherings which include outside presenters are canceled until further notice. Examples include Monday Night Lectures, Concerts and Tuesday Educational Classes.

o All internal group activities and meetings are canceled until further notice. Examples include (but are not limited to) Chorus, Bells, Faith Group, Spanish/French Club, Tuesday Morning Club, evening movies and Resident Council Committees.

o Staff will be cancelling all non-essential meetings. Essential group meetings will be held by conference call and WebEx.


Aligned with the best practice of limiting group gatherings, beginning with the lunch meal today, Friday, March 13th, seating will no longer be offered in the Bistro and formal dining areas for IL residents. The Bistro will remain open for takeout. Residents are strongly encouraged to pick up food in the Bistro and eat in their apartments. Specifics to note include:

o The Bistro will remain open for take-out only during the usually scheduled hours. The Formal Dining Room will be closed until further notice.

o Recognizing that the Country Kitchen does not allow ample space to support “social distancing” for Adirondack Assisted Living residents, Adirondack residents will have the option to dine in the Country Kitchen or in a designated area of the Formal Dining Room (the area closest to the river).

o The continental breakfast is discontinued until further notice.

Fitness & Pool

Be advised that following the Morning Stretch on Friday, March 13th, all group fitness and aquatic classes will be put on hold until further notice.

The Fitness Center and Pool will both remain open for the time being. Both will be staffed so that residents may use these areas. The Fitness Team is working diligently to sanitize the equipment and area continuously during hours of operation. Please help to contribute to the cause and join in cleaning equipment before and after you use it.

The Fitness Team will continually assess the number of residents using the Fitness Center at any time to ensure that “social distancing” can be maintained to the degree possible. Please be understanding if you are turned away and asked to return at a less congested time.

Note that should a COVID-19 case be experienced at KOH, these areas will be immediately closed.


Visitors of IL residents or those visitors coming for business purposes will continue to be screened at the front entrance to determine their level of risk of carrying COVID-19 to our community. Those coming for social visits with IL residents should go directly to the resident’s apartment and should not visit in common areas.

At this time, visitors to Adirondack and Sunnyside will continue to be screened at the front entrance. As Department of Health guidance is provided, this may be subject to change.

We were advised by Governor Cuomo’s Thursday, March 12th, televised press conference that there are to be no visitors to Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout New York State. Clearwater is licensed as a Skilled Nursing Facility and therefore Kendal on Hudson will comply with this measure being put in place to protect all – our residents and staff – from threats posed by COVID-19. Discontinuing visitors includes limiting non-essential staff from accessing Clearwater.


Please understand that the measures listed above are taken as precautionary measures to protect our entire Kendal on Hudson community. We thank you in advance for your patience, and fully acknowledged that a social and connected community like ours does not enjoy limitations posed by some of these critical measures. We assure you that we will continue to assess the environment presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and make decisions commensurate with the information we have, and the circumstances presented.