Promoting Literacy in Sleepy Hollow, NY

Each fall, the community at Kendal on Hudson enjoys partnering with Asociacion de Familias Hispanas de los Tarrytowns, a family literacy program focused on children ages 1-5, located in Sleepy Hollow. The program encourages collaborative interaction between parents and children and provides cultural and community event opportunities.

Recently, Kendal on Hudson was honored to be part of the program’s Halloween outing. Harriett, a resident of Kendal on Hudson, enjoyed reading and singing to the children in both English and Spanish. The children were excited to show off their Halloween costumes to other residents, with costumes ranging from superheroes to princesses!

Rocio and Vivian, volunteers with the association, gushed about the support from Kendal on Hudson, “We want to thank you for your great support to the program and families. Without your support, we couldn’t service these families in need and their children’s education.”

The residents at Kendal on Hudson look forward to collaborating with the children and families next year!