Coronavirus Precautions

We are learning that Covid-19 takes different paths and manifests differently in each individual.  Symptoms can be mild or not evident at all.

We strongly advise all independent living residents to universally presume you have already been exposed to the virus and to self-quarantine within your apartment.  This helps keep you, your neighbors and your loved ones safe. Until the cases in our area are on the decline, this is the only safe way to proceed.

Until further notice, please leave your apartment for only the following reasons

  • To pick up your mail
  • To go to the trash / recycle room
  • To go outdoors – with your dog (if you have one) or on your own, not in groups

We are recommending that each resident complete the 14-day self-monitoring tool that was provided under their door with this communication. It includes the original primary signs and symptoms known to be associated with COVID-19 cases. Should a resident have a new onset of any of the symptoms listed, they should contact the Resident Care Center at x 1030.