What Does It Cost?

Residents enter into a Life Care contract with Kendal on Hudson by paying a one-time entry fee and an ongoing monthly fee that covers a residence, services and amenities, and a comprehensive package of health care services for life.

Kendal on Hudson offers a choice of agreements—Full Life Care and Modified Life Care. Both include the right to occupancy of an apartment as long as a resident can live safely in an independent setting, and a package of services, amenities and higher levels of care. Both include unlimited assisted living care as needed; each includes a component of skilled nursing care.

There are three fees associated with residency at Kendal on Hudson. The entry fee has two components —Life Care, and the second is a Residential—based on size and location of the apartment, and the third is the Monthly Maintenance Fee.

Life Care Agreement and Options

Kendal on Hudson offers residents two types of contracts—A Full Life Care Contract and a Modified Contract.

Full Life Care Contract

The Full Life Care Contract covers unlimited Assisted Live and Skilled Nursing for life at Kendal on Hudson.

Modified Life Care Contract

The Modified Life Care Contract provides an option for those who have Long Term Care Insurance. We provide a credit on the Life Care Fee for using your Long Term Care Insurance to pay for Skilled Nursing for a defined period of (ranging from 1-5 years) at Kendal on Hudson. At the end of the defined period, the agreement reverts to fully covered Skilled Nursing Care. Assisted Living Care is unlimited, identical to Full Life Care.

Residential Component

The second component is the residential Entry Fee, based on the size and location of the apartment. We offer three options – 90% refund, 50% refund and 0%. This means that when a resident leaves Kendal on Hudson, the refund is based on the entry fee paid, a percentage is returned to them or to their estate.

Monthly Maintenance Fee

Covers services and amenities such as apartment choice with fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, basic utilities, security and maintenance, fitness center and exercise classes, indoor heated pool, local transportation, housekeeping and linen service and a daily meal plan.

All Residents are required to maintain, at their expense, medical and prescription insurances, Medicare A&B or equivalent coverage, and a supplemental Medigap Plan that meets the requirements of New York State.

Request Schedule of Fees

Please fill out the form below to view the current Schedule of Fees. You can also learn more about our community by calling us at 1-866KENDALNY.