Gemma Maver

Gemma Maver

Gemma Maver is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Kendal on Hudson.  Gemma joined the community in 2007, and meets regularly with people interested in living at Kendal. Gemma also is a frequent speaker at business and community groups educating audiences about senior living options.



One of the great joys working at Kendal is meeting people who are interested in moving to our community. It is always an opportunity to learn about them, their families, their interests and backgrounds.  Equally important is for them to learn about our community – from the resident directed lifestyle, programs and services we provide, to meeting residents and staff.

One of the challenges is that people want to stay in their own home. And this is certainly understandable – most have lived in their homes for several years, if not decades. Their community and roots are established, with wonderful memories cherished. However, in planning for retirement, a shift in thinking about one’s future can happen through discussions with spouses and partners, families, and looking for the right retirement community that is a cultural fit.

Kendal on Hudson is the only true life care community in Westchester County. Residents are retired professionals interested in continued learning, culture, politics, travelling, healthy living and volunteering – creating a robust independent lifestyle. It is a warm and welcoming community. Residents are planners and have planned for their entire lives – careers, family and now retirement.

Residents will tell you that you should move to a community when you can enjoy and experience new beginnings making new friends, taking a class in something new for the first time, and being as active as you choose. As one resident recently said, she is busier now than she was raising her children and working full-time.

As part of the application for residency at Kendal, there are two components – financial and medical. Financially, you want the assurance to know you can continue the lifestyle you enjoy. Medically, our medical director asked to review a 3-year history, and makes the determination that you can live safely in an independent setting without requiring higher levels of care for a period of time.

Why not live and experience what Kendal on Hudson residents experience every day. Come visit us and learn more about our community so that we can learn more about your future plans and goals. I invite you to call me and make an appointment for a personal tour of Kendal on Hudson.