When Should I Make the Move to Senior Living?

As you enjoy retirement, you may wonder when it’s the right time to make the move to senior living. Some may believe it’s a decision solely based on health care. Others may think it has to do with being able to keep up with daily tasks and activities. While the answer to finding the right time to move will be different for everyone, moving to a community focused on your well-being on the sooner side can benefit your quality of life.

Kendal on Hudson provides the ideal Independent Living experience. Nestled in the charming Hudson Valley, our community offers numerous services and amenities, all centered around living the best life possible. Let’s explore the advantages of making the move to senior living now and how this decision gives you the opportunity to experience a meaningful lifestyle with peace of mind for the future.  

Senior Living Communities Take Care of Your Home Maintenance

You wake up and the sun is shining through your windows, you hear birds chirping, and you’re ready to call your friends to enjoy a morning walk as quickly as possible. But many people typically reserve the early morning hours for chores like home maintenance. 

When you want to enjoy a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley, you don’t need to worry about lawn care or cleaning out the gutters—we take care of that for you.

Additional services for residents include:

  • Biweekly housekeeping
  • Weekly linen service
  • Interior/exterior maintenance
  • Trash removal and recycling

With maintenance and repairs off your to-do list, you have the freedom to explore, pursue your interests, and, most importantly, enjoy how you’re spending your time. 

senior man drinking coffee on his patio

Gain Endless Opportunities for Socialization 

When you’re a resident of an Independent Living community, you always have something to look forward to. Whether it’s a group event or enjoying time with friends and neighbors, senior living communities offer all kinds of engaging activities that benefit your physical and mental health. 

While you’re out having fun, you’re also taking care of your health. A strong social life has numerous benefits for your well-being. According to the CDC, older adults who experience social isolation are more likely to be at risk of health issues like dementia, heart disease, and stroke. These opportunities for socializing are among the biggest advantages of making the move to senior living sooner rather than later.

Joining a few clubs, taking a class, or taking advantage of the fitness and wellness opportunities at your senior living community are great ways to meet new people and regularly see friends. You won’t have any trouble keeping a vibrant social life in a senior living community.

Kendal on Hudson has a Resident Council that plans a variety of events, classes, and socials for community members to enjoy. With direct input from residents, there’s no shortage of something interesting to choose from each day. 

Your Community’s Security Will Provide Peace of Mind

Independent Living offers all the comforts of living in your home—and then some. These communities have state-of-the-art security that ensures each resident on campus is safe. You don’t need to worry about break-ins or theft. You deserve to sleep peacefully at night and trust that your belongings will remain untouched when you’re not there. 

A senior living community can also protect you from another type of security risk: scams. It’s an unfortunate truth that some people will try to take advantage of others in order to gain money. In some cases, scammers may travel door-to-door in any neighborhood. Senior living communities are secure and take multiple measures to make sure that everyone on the campus is meant to be there. 

Your security and protection are a priority. Should any type of emergency arise, help is always ready and available. 

Senior Living With a Lifecare Contract

When you make the move to senior living through independent Living, you will have the ability to join Kendal on Hudson with a Lifecare contract. A Lifecare contract means you enjoy all that we have to offer now, with the promise of access to additional health care at a lower cost in the future should you need it.

This gives you the peace of mind to enjoy Independent Living without worrying about affording health care if your health needs change.

However, some may wait too long to join and a health issue arises—preventing the opportunity to join with a Lifecare contract. The best way to qualify for admission at Kendal on Hudson is to reserve a spot on our waitlist. Connect with us to learn more about joining the waitlist and get answers to any questions you have about living in our community.

Make the Move to Senior Living With Kendal on Hudson

Kendal on Hudson provides residents with the best of both worlds: the natural beauty of Sleepy Hollow, NY, surrounds the community with a stunning view of the Hudson River while only being a 45-minute train ride away from Grand Central Terminal and the entirety of New York City. 

Contact Kendal on Hudson to schedule a tour and learn more about senior living in Sleepy Hollow and how to get on the waitlist.