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4 Easy Ways for Older Adults to Spring Clean Their Health Routine

senior woman exercising in pool

Maintaining a proper diet and incorporating exercise into your daily routine is scientifically proven to improve immune and digestive function, better bone density and blood pressure, lower the risk for diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, osteoporosis and certain cancers, as well as enhance mobility, flexibility and balance. Implementing an effective and health-focused routine this spring can clean up those poor eating and movement habits that may have developed in the winter months and will ensure you reap the benefits of what increased activity and better nutrition can provide.

“We, here at Kendal on Hudson, ensure that our community is tailored to attract our residents to starting a healthy and active lifestyle,” says Cathy DiSomma, Health and Wellness Director at Kendal on Hudson. “By providing our older adults with top-notch facilities and classes, as well as professionals within the community who are specialized in developing and helping our residents maintain their health and wellness plans, it is near impossible to keep a sedentary lifestyle.”

“Another unique attribute of our community is our ability to market two different local and city-style locations surrounding our community to our residents,” says Pamela. “This means our residents can travel and promote a life of adventure and discovery either at the local, heritage-focused small towns, or at our close neighbor, Manhattan, New York.”

Whether you are partial to group/class style exercise or prefer a more individual strenuous style of activity, we are prepared to better equip you with the proper skills and tips to ensure you are as excited about your personal ongoing health and wellness journey as we are.

Hop in the Pool

Our older adults love our 50-foot heated pool perfect for lap swimming and aquatic exercise classes. Water-based exercise improves the strength of all older adult’s abilities to pump adequate and oxygenated blood throughout the body and brain. Although this is the main reason water-based exercise is incredibly beneficial, it also is gentle on the joints and takes the pressure of gravity off your bones and sensitive areas.

This low-impact exercise is our personal favorite here at Kendal on Hudson. By encouraging your peers and partner to join you in the water, you will realize exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread, but rather something you look forward to every day.

Discover the Benefits of Modified Yoga

Similar to water aerobics, chair yoga is an increasingly popular style of exercise to the point that many older adults are starting to ‘hop on the bandwagon.’ This joint-sensitive exercise can be performed in a group setting and improves muscle strength, mobility and flexibility while keeping the stress off your mind and joints.

If you have ever tried yoga as a younger adult, you may already understand the mental and emotional benefits of yoga. This is a multifaceted style of exercise that can allow older adults to learn skills like proper breathing, ways to calm the mind and spirit and lower everyday worry with daily affirmations following each practice. Although your physical body should be a large part of your health journey, don’t forget to give your emotional and mental health some time to grow as well.

Order a New Health-Focused Cookbook to Try

As we still work through the hardships of the global pandemic, it is always fun to find new ways to spend your time and educate your mind. A perfect way to keep yourself occupied and excited is through the discovery of a fun and health-focused cookbook to add to your collection. Cooking can be a calming time to share with a loved one or partner and the accomplishment of attempting a new dish will make it addicting to eat healthily!

Remember that the more colorful your plate, the more nutrients your body is receiving. Consider making a healthy meal at least twice a week and sharing it in your family’s group chat! A quick picture to your children and grandchildren could be a great way to chat as well as maybe encourage healthy eating throughout all generations!

Another fun idea? Make it a family competition! See who can make the most delicious and healthy dish then swap recipes of the winner.

Use the Benefits of Your Health-Focused Lifestyle to Encourage You to ‘Stick to It’

As we age, our biology changes and our body’s needs change as well. The same problems you may be experiencing now are ailments you never thought would affect the ‘young you.’ This is no reason to get discouraged! Luckily, older adults do not need incredibly challenging and high heart rate exercises to be beneficial. A simple walk around your neighborhood or a healthy breakfast can do loads for your physical and mental health.

More specifically, regular exercise can improve the length of time older adults remain independent and the amount of energy experienced throughout the day. Keeping up with the grandkids will be easier as well as your ability to live the life you want for longer.

Make your heart and mind a priority this upcoming spring by giving your health routine a much-needed face-lift. You will be ecstatic once the results start unearthing.

Together, Transforming the Experience of Aging.®

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