How Older Adults Can Stay Socially Connected During Social Distancing

When it comes to social distancing, we all know the importance. Especially now, it’s important to stop the spread of viruses and infections by keeping distance between yourself and others. Not only does this ensure the least amount of people are infected as possible, but it also helps to protect your own health and safety as well.

Although social distancing is for the greater good, it can make many people, as well as their families feel lonely, isolated and disconnected. Routines are disrupted, weekly visits can no longer take place, outings with friends are put on hold – in short, it can be a trying time for social butterflies and introverts alike. What’s more, lack of connection and communication can greatly impact health, decrease wellness and cause depression. This is why it’s important to find alternative ways to connect with those we love.

Staying Socially Connected While Still Remaining Socially Distant

It’s fortunate we live in a time that allows the use of technology to remain in touch with those we love. Not only can we use social media to connect, but we can also use smart devices and an array of other software and apps to help us feel more attached to the outside world. If you’re missing your friends and family or are craving connection with those in your social circle, try some of our tips to help you increase your socialization and decrease your feelings of isolation

  • Set up a coffee date over video chat. If you can’t gather with all of your friends, consider getting together over video. Make yourself some coffee or tea, get into a comfy spot and chat about your days, share old stories or simply share some good news you’ve read.
  • Talk to your grandchildren on the phone. Many grandparents are missing their connection with their grandchildren. If they are old enough to talk on the phone, set up a time to call and chat with them. If they are younger, ask your family members to send some videos or photographs. The littlest glimpse of them is often enough to brighten anyone’s day!
  • Play games with your friends over apps instead of in-person. We all know how game night brings people together, but just because we have to distance ourselves doesn’t mean it has to change. Whether you decide to download an app that you can invite your friends to play, such as Words with Friends or even Yahtzee, or you decide to play a game like Battleship, charades or Guess Who over video, you can still enjoy a fun game night.
  • Consider hosting your clubs online. One of the many perks of a community setting includes access to clubs and programming. With social distancing, it can seem like you won’t get to do the things you enjoy with those you love to be with, however, with a little creativity you still can. Host your drawing class over video, hold a painting class if everyone has the supplies they need, continue meeting your weekly book club online, see if the fitness instructors would be up for hosting a chair yoga class over video!

There are plenty of ways to socialize with those you love while continuing to enjoy community life at Kendal on Hudson. For more tips and advice on how to stay connected during social distancing, simply contact us today at 866-358-5802.

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