Sep 2019

Two people riding bikes on a fall day

Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the Greater Westchester County Area

Soon the trees will be changing colors, cool autumn air will have us bundling up, pies will be baked, and with each footstep, we will be crunching leaves. There is…

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Fall Fitness: 7 Ways to Stay Healthy All Season Long

Fitness is a crucial part of life, no matter what season. While it can be tempting to slack on fitness in the fall and winter seasons, there are plenty of…

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Two women with their heads together over coffee

Developing Friendships in Your New Senior Living Community

Developing friendships in a senior living community is simple thanks to an array of programming and activities, opportunities for lifelong learning and volunteerism, resident committees and community involvement. It’s nearly…

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What to Expect During the Admission Process for a Senior Living Community

Once you’ve decided to move to a senior living community and begin enjoying more of the lifestyle you love without the hassles of home ownership or housekeeping, one of the…

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Woman with camera

3 Ways Kendal on Hudson Is Transforming the Experience of Aging

Over time, seniors who retired began to be perceived as uninterested in the world around them. They began to be portrayed as simply wanting to relax, spend their time resting…

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Three people doing cheers with coffee cups

Retirement Planning: 10 Stress-Free Ways to Transition from Home to Independent Living

You’ve toured community after community, sampled lifestyle after lifestyle and you’ve finally made your decision. You’ve found the retirement community that speaks to everything you want and then some. From…

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