5 Signs It's Time to Upsize Your Lifestyle and Rightsize Your Home

As retirement nears for many seniors, it’s often a time to consider what your dreams are. Do you want to move from your small apartment in the city and retire to something with more space? Would you prefer to move to a picturesque location with the security of Lifecare while still being close to the city and exciting opportunities? At Kendal® on Hudson, this is what rightsizing looks like.

“Rightsizing your lifestyle to make room for more exciting experiences, opportunities to engage and spend more time about things you are passionate about is something many seniors want to do,” says Gower Lane, Director of Operations at Kendal on Hudson, the only true Lifecare community in Westchester County. “What this looks like is different for everyone. Some want to spend their days engaging in the things they love, some want the freedom to pick up and go wherever they please, and some desire more space and peace of mind. We simply give residents the space and security they need while they take the lead on how they want to live.”

5 Signs It’s Time to Downsize or Rightsize for Retirement

In general, there are a few signs that it’s time to rightsize your home to upsize your lifestyle. Consider some of the reasons our own residents decided to rightsize to Kendal on Hudson.

1. Residents desired time to engage in activities they love.

During retirement, many seniors want to enjoy new things while participating in the hobbies and activities they love. Whether this means exploring new talents, spending more time on their hobbies and discovering exciting volunteer opportunities or simply enjoying a vibrant lifestyle, an array of cultural programs or continued learning, Kendal on Hudson offers it all in one beautiful location.

2. They preferred more experiences, not “things.”

During retirement, priorities often change. Seniors want to enjoy their hobbies, try new things and experience things they may not have before. This often means getting rid of trivial items they don’t care for in exchange for experiences. Instead of being bogged down by items, needing to pick-up constantly or accumulating more objects, these items are often passed down or donated to clear clutter, free the mind and make room for memories to treasure. And, if you want to go for a trip, you have the security of knowing your home is secure and being taken care of for you.

3. Family time becomes more important.

While some people think of rightsizing as a way to get rid of room, some would prefer to add it. Residents often tell us how living in the city didn’t afford them enough room for family or grandchildren to stay, and with that in mind they want to ensure there’s always a place for them.

4. Wellness, involvement and connection became a priority.

Upon retiring many seniors don’t want to think about housekeeping, home maintenance or cooking meals unless they really enjoy it. Instead, they want to spend more time meeting with friends, spending time sharing their talents, and improving their health and wellness. Rightsizing can allow for this. We take care of everything and you can spend time doing anything you wish. It’s that easy. It’s the retirement you’ve always dreamed of combined with the lifestyle you’re accustomed to.

5. They desired peace of mind in a plan for the future.

As a Lifecare community, residents can enjoy a continuum of care for one price, regardless of how health care needs may change – thanks to one Residence and Care Agreement. Simply pay a one-time entry fee and monthly fees and you’ll have comprehensive coverage of housing, services and health care for the rest of your life.

Would you like to learn more about Kendal on Hudson and how rightsizing can upsize your life? Come learn more about our Lifecare community and everything we have to offer. For more information, please contact us at 914-922-1000.

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