The Top 3 Must Have Apps to Eliminate Stress

Even in retirement, life can be stressful. Luckily, it’s never been an easier time to destress. Years ago we’d have to drive to a park, beach, or place of worship to find serenity and quiet. Thankfully, we have almost everything on demand now. Below are couple of free applications available on the computer and phone which can help you when feeling stressed or want to enjoy a nice cup of tea and relax.

The Calm App –

This app is fantastic if you’re feeling very nervous. From doctor visits to plane rides, this is service provides recorded sounds of nature or ambient music. You don’t need a signal on your phone for it to work, making it great for flying.

Their guided meditation feature is effective too. Choose from 2 to 20 minute guided sessions, although you’ll have to pay for more advanced sessions.

A Soft Murmur –

A Soft Murmur is a web-based app that helps you to sleep or read. You can blend the noises to your specifications from the sounds such as fire, rain, wind, singing bowls, and birds. We recommend starting with the thunderstorm and fire mix. It makes it feel like you’re in a cozy cabin in the woods on a rainy night. The app is also available on your mobile device.


Sometimes it can get too quiet. Try out Coffitivity, it’s a unique web-based app that recreates the ambient sounds of cafes. Its goal is boosting your creativity and helping you focus. They offer a variety cafe settings to choose from such as a university library to a Brazilian coffeehouse. This is great for cooking, reading, or cleaning.

We hope with these new tools at your disposal you will be able to eliminate some stress and feel happier. Let us know if you have any questions at all. We’re happy to help.

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