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Boomers Making a Difference

Did you know that August is Boomers Making A Difference Month? From social activism in the ‘60s and ‘70s to volunteering and giving back today, baby boomers continue to make lasting contributions to changing the world. It only makes sense that there should be a month dedicated to celebrating the generation’s impact.

Baby boomers’ natural trait of a strong work ethic doesn’t slow them down even after retirement, so many volunteer their time and talents to help make a difference in their community and the world-at-large. From serving on boards to reading to young children at local libraries to assisting with political campaigns, volunteering has become a second career of sorts. Not only is it fulfilling, but the rewards that come with it are far greater than a salary.

Volunteering makes an immeasurable difference in the lives of others. That reason is enough alone for most to want to give back, but when giving back to others you are also giving back to yourself. Doing good deeds actually helps you lead a better, healthier life with many health benefits including:

  • Staying physically and mentally active. A study released by Johns Hopkins University in 2009 revealed that volunteers actually increased their brain functioning. Volunteering get you moving and thinking at the same time.
  • Decreased risk of depression. Volunteering with and for others increases social interaction and helps build a support system based on common commitment and interests, both of which have been shown to decrease depression.
  • Reduced stress levels. By savoring your time spent in service to others, you’ll feel a sense of meaning and appreciation, both given and received, which can be calming.

How are your making a difference? We’d love to hear about how you are giving back.
Looking for some volunteer opportunities? Check out Volunteer New York. You can search their website to find volunteer opportunities in the Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland counties and even search specifically for the nonprofits and causes that you feel most passionate about.