Kendal on Hudson Resident Muriel Fox Receives VFA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Gloria Steinem (left) presents VFA's Lifetime Achievement Award to Muriel Fox. (Photo by Dori Jacobson-Wenzel)

Gloria Steinem (left) presents VFA’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Muriel Fox. (Photo by Dori Jacobson-Wenzel)

Muriel Fox received the Veteran Feminists of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award from Gloria Steinem for her work as co-founder of NOW, the National Organization for Women. As a public relations expert, Muriel introduced the women’s movement to the media of the world. In addition, for several decades she has served on the boards of organizations promoting equality and education. Muriel now serves as VFA Chair.

The award presentation came during VFA’s luncheon gala Oct. 21, 2014, at the Harvard Club in New York City. The award citation applauded Muriel’s “half-century of history-making, inspiring service as Co-Founder, Leader and Activist in … organizations that have improved life for women and girls … Brilliant Publicist who introduced the modern women’s movement to the world’s media … Persuasive Ambassador to the business world for feminist organizations … Role model in business, public affairs and humanitarian service.”

The Co-Pilot Program at Kendal on Hudson

Kendal residents work together.

Kendal residents work together.

The Co-Pilot Program was created, designed and implemented by the residents of Kendal on Hudson. It is a support system for residents who must go to the emergency room and do not have a spouse or close friend available to go with them. These  people  would otherwise have to “fly solo”—thus explaining the program name, which also conveys that the patient is in charge and the Co-Pilot is there only to assist. The program is entirely carried out by resident volunteers who sign up to be on duty as co-pilots for one or more 12-hour periods each month. The Co-Pilots are phoned by our emergency response nurse when he/she sends a resident to Phelps Hospital, assuming  the situation is appropriate and with the resident’s specific permission. Co-Pilots can travel in an ambulance with the resident, drive behind the ambulance or, in some cases  actually drive the patient to the ER if that is safe. The Co-Pilot remains at the ER with the patient to make phone calls, run errands and provide support and company. The role of a Co-Pilot is to act as a “second ear,” a channel of communication (especially for distant family) and a means to fetch clothing or personal items from the residents’ apartment as requested.

Co-Pilots have provided this service close to 100 times in four years of operation, providing a level of support that would otherwise be unobtainable and serves as a way to reduce stress and provide neighborly care to those in need. It is available 24/7 and has never had a failure to respond.

In 2010, the program received recognition and received the Innovation of the Year Award from NYAHSA, New York Association of Homes & Services for the Aging.

Resident Harriet Barnett teaches Spanish to residents and English to staff

Harriet Barnett (center) teaches Spanish to fellow Kendal on Hudson residents.

Harriet Barnett (center) teaches Spanish to fellow Kendal on Hudson residents.


Residents and Staff Learn From An Expert Language Teacher


Though resident Harriet Barnett has retired from teaching Spanish to students in the Dobbs Ferry school district, she continues giving course workshops on foreign language teaching methodology to teachers.

Having lived at Kendal for 5 years, Harriet volunteers her time teaching English as a second language to a group of staff members whose first language is Spanish. The group meets weekly in Harriet’s apartment to review everyday conversation and phrases in English, and they get homework assignments in writing and conversation.

“It’s been a wonderful experience to improve my English and I didn’t think I could be helped in such a caring and patient way in which Harriet teaches,” says one staff member.

In addition to this class, Harriet teaches Spanish to residents and staff  who want to learn the language or brush up on their skills.

“It’s great to live at Kendal where I can continue to do what I love to do, teach to people who want to learn, all in a beautiful setting,” says Harriet.


Harriet Barnett (left) also teaches English to Kendal on Hudson staff members.

Harriet Barnett (left) also teaches English to Kendal on Hudson staff members.